CRM Tools To Manage

Most businesses prefer a CRM system that is easy to install and use. Gmail and CRM are both easy to use, so why not combine them? It may seem complicated to set up a CRM as a small business owner, but it isn’t. You can establish a CRM system faster with a Gmail account than, say, “Gmail CRM.”

What customer relationship management (CRM) is, how it works, how much a CRM costs, how CRM systems have evolved to help companies, and which CRMs work best with Gmail will be explained in this article.

What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a method of managing customer relationships. CRM software manages client interactions, as its name implies. Using CRM software, you can store information about potential clients and their communications. An organisation’s centralised database allows multiple individuals to access the data.

A CRM streamlines sales, marketing initiatives, customer support, accounting, and management for growing businesses. Multiple parties can access and edit the information about a specific client’s customer journey.

The benefits of CRM with Gmail integration

Integration of Gmail with CRM software simplifies customer relationship management and follow-up schedule. Below are some of the major benefits of using CRM for Gmail Integration.

Staff can work in Google Workspace.

Gmail works well with other Google Workspace apps such as Google Calendar, Chat, and Drive because it’s part of the Google Workspace suite. The sales representative can thus easily access the information they need without switching back and forth between different applications. Better results for the company can be achieved when sales teams can work more efficiently.

Integrations support faster responses to customers.

Time is often of the essence when you’re dealing with customers. It’s not worth the time and effort to manually add new contacts to your CRM or to search through old emails to find attachments. When you integrate your CRM with Gmail, new contacts can be added automatically, and attachments can be saved. You can spend more time interacting with customers than dealing with administrative tasks.

You can track communication and contact history.

Integrating Gmail with your customer database lets you keep track of their communications. Having all your customer’s emails stored in one place allows you to reference past conversations and better understand client needs quickly. Using a CRM with Gmail integration will thus improve customer service and maximise profits for your business.

Email tracking and automatic contact updates are also available to sales teams. CRMs with Gmail integration can also provide valuable insights into your sales process by providing visibility into your email communication. Integrating your CRM with a Gmail inbox makes both processes easier and saves you time and money, as the old saying goes.

Best CRM for Gmail

Everyone who uses the internet appreciates Google’s focus on user experience and uncomplicated design. A CRM system for Gmail has several benefits for users, including an easy learning curve and user-friendly, well-designed productivity tools (such as G Suite and Google Drive). Whether or not we like it, Gmail is what we call home.

We use it to communicate, arrange meetings, set reminders for all the different duties related to everyday life and business, schedule appointments, generate opportunities, develop forthcoming projects, and keep track of contacts and relationships.

You find it easier to utilise the program because it feels more natural when you have well-integrated CRM apps in your Gmail. The following CRM applications allow you to receive your purchases directly in your Gmail inbox.

FollowUp Personal CRM (Gmail Sidebar Integration)

This CRM provides a Chrome plugin for Gmail to manage your personal or professional network right from the comfort of your inbox. FollowUp Personal helps you maximise your relationships with cutting-edge features like reminders for chats, projects, or events and sophisticated note-taking abilities if all of your contacts are already in Gmail.

Salesmate (Gmail Sidebar Integration)

You can examine contacts/companies, timeline activity, and sale opportunities with Salesmate’s Chrome plugin, which integrates with the Gmail sidebar. You can enter notes, view sales history, and create emails and contacts that will be updated immediately on the Salesmate platform in the sidebar. Each workday may be more productive by automating data entry and categorising records.

Capsule CRM (Gmail Sidebar Integration)

Capsule offers a Gmail add-on integration that enables you to access various useful functions from an inbox sidebar, including linking sales possibilities and cases with cases, storing discussion threads and client information, and creating follow-up activities.

The capsule is incredibly approachable, especially for those new to CRM, thanks to its straightforward platform, customisable features, and mobile-friendly layout.

Nimble (Gmail Sidebar Integration)

NimbleMail is also for G Suite, which means that all Google apps, including Calendar, Contacts, Docs, and Google Drive, are seamlessly integrated. Thanks to the sidebar integration, it is simple to manage contacts, organise deals, sync calendar appointments, send trackable template emails, and manage deals. Cross-channel contact and lead information are combined into a single, unified profile via Nimble’s Contact Record function.

Streak (Full Gmail Integration)

Streak is designed to be a natural extension of your current workflow. Streak still includes all the juicy CRM information like pipeline and lead generation features, even if it is a more lightweight solution.

The software offers easily customised workflows with search, filter, group, and sorting tools, as well as automatic data collection, tracking, and easy-view pipeline details next to your emails.


CRM and Gmail are often integrated into modern businesses. Gmail emails can be sent and received from your phone or computer using this integration. Besides collaborating on their work, it will also allow businesses to share documents easily. Furthermore, Gmail and CRM provide the following valuable features:


Does Google have free CRM?

Google has a free CRM called Google CRM that allows businesses to create an online platform for their customers. It also helps them track customer data and communicate with them regularly.

Can you use Gsuite as a CRM?

Yes, Gsuite is a powerful CRM tool. It has a lot of features and is easy to use.

Is Gmail API free?

The Gmail API is free and allows developers to create and manage their mailboxes. It is compatible with all major email clients and allows user to customise their inboxes in a way that suits them.