Imagine your entire finance staff using Gmail to communicate. All those emails, including bills, are being sent simultaneously to your common email address, such as billings or accounts. Since having both in one account is possible, no team member must leave their inboxes.

Do you believe it to be impossible? What if we said this new inbox has many collaborative features and is entirely workable? Together, these components will create the sole Invoice Tracker Template that you may use inside Gmail.

You will learn in this section why using an Excel invoice tracker is no longer necessary. We’ll walk you through using Gmail for this purpose step-by-step so that your finance teams may perform better and be more effective.

Why use an invoice tracker template in Gmail?

Since most, if not all, invoices arrive as emails, Gmail should be your new workflow for keeping track of them. Keeping your procedures in your inbox makes the work much more productive. However, forwarding and cc’ing emails are frequent and annoying procedures in a typical team inbox.

They may cause strands of confusion and a lack of responsibility. Gmail doesn’t have many features that would make it useful for managing invoices. You get a different perspective on work when you combine Gmail with a shared inbox solution that operates inside of it. It provides many tools that transform your email into a comprehensive workflow.

What are the specific benefits of a tracker template in Gmail?

Invoice | Email Markup for Gmail

The purpose of invoices is to document transactions, keep accurate records, and provide quality customer service. Some companies indeed require invoice software to handle their billing needs. Still, simple templates can save small businesses and independent contractors time and money while communicating clearly with clients and customers.

The Google template gallery or any publicly shared template, such as those provided below, can be accessed, saved, and shared with a Gmail or Google Drive account. Below you’ll find a variety of customisable, professional invoice templates for Google Docs and Google Sheets that are free and easy to use.

Due to Google Docs’ web-based nature, files are saved and shared via cloud storage. The files can also be downloaded and saved to a computer in other formats. Save one of the invoice templates below as a PDF and print and mail it if you need a paper invoice.

Email templates can be shared by inviting others to view or edit them in Google Drive or by downloading them and attaching them to an email message.

Google Sheets – Service Invoice Template

Invoice templates for Google Sheets are designed for service providers and include space for an itemised list of services, hourly rates, and total costs. The template will automatically calculate the amount by adding your state’s tax rate or any other fees or expenses. A simple layout is provided with room for comments and instructions.

Packing Slip Template – Google Sheets

Detailed information about the items in delivery is included on the packing slip. It is possible to resolve discrepancies between ordered and delivered items. Packing slips can reduce shipping errors and provide clear communication. A manager’s approval is required for each item listed in this template.

Job Estimate Template – Google Sheets

During a job estimate, clients are given a description of the services to be performed and an estimate of the number of hours and costs to be incurred. The job estimate template allows you to create an itemised list of services so that clients can understand all charges. Several modifications can be made to this template, such as adding payment terms and deadlines.

Price List Template – Google Sheets

Keeping a price list can be used to keep track of product prices (a reference sheet for businesses to manage and track pricing) or to share with customers to show them what is available. The spreadsheet template allows product names, numbers, and prices to be easily sorted, found, and compared. A price list template alongside invoices and receipts can support the sales process.

Delivery Receipt Template – Google Docs

Deliveries should be documented with a delivery receipt, which allows the customer to sign a confirmation. This way, packages are delivered correctly and received by someone (rather than just left outside). Print this Google Docs invoice template and use carbon paper to make a copy for the recipient and the delivery person. The template provides space for a description of the delivered items, the delivery address, and the receipt number.

Download or monthly print invoices

You can download the invoice as a PDF or CSV file. Print the PDF or import the CSV into a spreadsheet program.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.
    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in
  2. In the Admin console, go to the Menu > Billing > Payment accounts.
  3. Next to your subscription, click View invoices.
    Look for your two most recent invoices.
  4. Under Documents, click the invoice number for the file format you want:
    • CSV Invoice—Downloads invoice in CSV format.
    • PDF Invoice—Select Download or Regenerate invoice with updated information.
  5. (Optional) To print the invoice, click Print. A window opens showing a printable invoice.
  6. (Optional) To find an older invoice that’s not shown:
    • At the top right, next to Calendar, click the Down arrow and select a date range.

Have you recently changed your billing information? You can regenerate an invoice to show updated account information, such as your billing address, purchase order number, or VAT ID.

Understand your Google Workspace invoice

You will be emailed a PDF of your invoice for your previous month’s activity. No action is required on your part. Details in the monthly email include invoice number, account name, billing ID, and instructions on how to view or update your billing information.


Tracking invoices is essential for a healthy business, but it’s not always a simple process. You can use the template to keep track of payment dates, customer names, invoice numbers, amount due, amount paid, payment method, and anything else you may need. Now that your invoice tracker template in Gmail is ready, your company’s finance department can manage billings with more streamlined procedures.


Does Google have a free invoice template?

Yes, free invoice templates are very common in the business world. They are used to generate invoices quickly, and they are also used when you need to create invoices for a specific project or client.

Does Google have an invoicing app?

Yes, Google Invoicing App helps businesses and freelancers with invoicing and smooth accounting tasks.

Is Google invoicing free?

Google invoices are free because it is not a service. It is just a business model that Google has used. They charge for the content generation process, which is expensive and time-consuming.