Attach Email In Gmail

Are you a Gmail user looking to share an entire email conversation with someone? Or you may need to forward an important email to a colleague who wasn’t included in the original thread. Whatever the reason, attaching an email in Gmail can be a useful tool in your communication arsenal. And don’t worry; it’s easier than you might think!

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to attach an email in Gmail and share some tips to help you make the most of this feature. So let’s dive in and learn how to make your email communication even more efficient!

The Importance Of Email Attachments

Modern communication relies heavily on email attachments, both for personal and professional purposes. They offer a quick and convenient way to share important files and documents with others, no matter where they are located worldwide.

Attachments are particularly crucial in professional settings. For instance, multiple parties may need to review and approve a sales proposal or project contract. With email attachments, all the relevant parties can receive the necessary documents instantly, saving time and avoiding the need for in-person meetings.

Moreover, email attachments offer an important record of communication. By attaching files and documents to emails, users can keep track of all their interactions, providing a clear and organised record of their dealings. This can be especially useful in legal or regulatory contexts, where a paper trail is often required. It thus goes without saying that email attachments should not be underestimated!

Steps On How To Attach An Email In Gmail

Step 1: Open Gmail And Select The Email Thread You Want To Attach

To attach an email in Gmail, you first need to open the email thread you want to attach. This can be an email you received or an email you sent. Once you’ve found the email thread you want to attach, click on it to open it.

Step 2: Click On The Three Dots In The Top Right Corner

Once you’ve opened the email thread, look for the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Click on them to reveal a dropdown menu with a list of options.

Step 3: Select “Forward As Attachment”

From the dropdown menu, select “Forward as Attachment”. This will open a new email window with the email thread attached as a .eml file.

Step 4: Enter The Recipient’s Email Address

In the “To” field of the new email window, enter the email address of the person you want to send the attachment. You can also add multiple recipients by separating their email addresses with commas.

Step 5: Add A Subject Line And Any Additional Text

Next, add a subject line to your email. The subject line should briefly describe the content of the attached email thread. You can also add any text you want to include in the body of the email.

Step 6: Click “Send”

Once you’ve added the recipient’s email address, subject line, and additional text, click “Send” to forward the email with the attached thread. The recipient will receive the email with the attached .eml file, which they can then open to view the entire email thread.

Why Attach An Email In Gmail?

Attaching an email in Gmail can be useful in a variety of situations. For example, you may need to forward an important email to a colleague not included in the original thread. Attaching the email as a .eml file ensures the recipient receives the entire conversation, including any attachments or formatting.

You can also attach emails in Gmail when you want to share a conversation thread with someone else. For example, if you’re working on a project with a team and want to keep everyone updated on the progress, you can attach the email thread containing all relevant information to an email and send it to the team members.

Attaching an email in Gmail is also useful when you want to keep a record of a conversation thread for future reference. You can easily access the conversation thread later by attaching the email as a .eml file and saving it to your computer.

Tips For Attaching Emails In Gmail

Attaching Emails In Gmail


Attaching an email in Gmail is a simple process that can be useful in various situations.

Whether forwarding an important email to a colleague, sharing a conversation thread with a friend, or keeping a conversation record for future reference, adding attachments ensures that the recipient receives the entire conversation, including any attachments or formatting.

Following the steps outlined in this blog and keeping the tips in mind, you can easily attach emails in Gmail and use this feature to streamline your communication and stay organised.


Can I attach multiple emails in Gmail?

Yes, you can attach multiple emails in Gmail. To do so, select the emails you want to attach by clicking on the checkboxes next to each email in your inbox, and then click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the screen. Select “Forward as attachment” from there to attach the selected emails to a new email.

What file formats can I attach in Gmail?

Gmail lets you attach various file formats, including documents, images, audio files, videos, and more. The maximum file size you can attach in Gmail is 25 MB.

Can I password-protect the email attachment?

Yes, you can password-protect the email attachment in Gmail. When you attach the email thread, you can select the “Encrypt attachments” option to protect the attachment with a password. This ensures that only authorised individuals can access the attachment.