The Google Tool for Project Management is a set of tools and templates that help project managers with their tasks. It includes scheduling, tracking, reporting, and more.

Google Tools for Project Management is designed to make the project management process easier and more efficient by providing various tools and templates. This software helps project managers manage their projects in a better way by providing them with the right tools to do so.

Why Use Google Tools for Project Management?

Google tools are a great way to help you manage your project. They provide you with many features that help you collaborate with your team and have the flexibility to make changes as needed.

Google tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides help manage your project because they allow you to make adjustments and collaborate with other team members easily. You can also use them for brainstorming and creating presentations.

Google tools are also helpful for tracking project progress and seeing how things change over time. This is especially important for agile development or planning a long-term project.

Google’s Powerful Project Management Tools

1. Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Google workspace is a project management tool that can help you organize and manage your projects. It can be used for personal projects, business, or school.

The main advantage of using Google workspace is collaborating with multiple people. You can share your work with others, edit documents simultaneously, and make changes to the same document simultaneously. This helps you keep organized and saves time.

Google workspace has other benefits, such as tracking task progress, creating task lists for future use, setting reminders for yourself or others, and more.

Google workspaces also allow users to easily manage projects and tasks by creating multiple “workspaces” where different tasks can be assigned. Workspaces can be customized to include specific software tools, file formats, and other preferences.

This makes it easy for users to find the files they need quickly and eliminates the need to search through multiple folders. Workspaces can also be shared with collaborators, increasing efficiency and collaboration.

2. Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Google sheets is a free online spreadsheet tool that allows users to create and share spreadsheets. It’s easy to use, and it’s free.

Google sheets are an excellent project management tool because they provide an easy way to allocate budget, organize your tasks, and break them down into manageable chunks. It also helps you stay organized by allowing you to create templates for recurring tasks.

The advantage of using Google Sheets is that it allows you to be more creative with your project management because it has more features than other tools like Microsoft Excel or Word.

It also has advantages over paper because it can be shared with multiple people at once, so if someone else needs access, they can just log in without downloading the spreadsheet first.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google docs is a tool for project management. It allows users to view, edit and share the same document. This means you can work on your project from different locations and devices.

Google docs have a lot of features that make it a good tool for project management. One of these features is the ability to track tasks with due dates, deadlines, and milestones. With this, managers can easily keep track of all the work that needs to be done and choose what tasks should be prioritized first.

Some other features are commenting, versioning, sharing, and collaborating on documents in real time.

The key advantage of utilizing Google Docs is that it enables real-time collaboration without worrying about corrupt files or losing work if there is a problem with a user’s computer or internet connection.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular tool for project management. It is a cloud-based storage service that allows people to store, share and collaborate on files. This makes it easy for people to find what they need when they need it.

Some people use it to store their project files and organize them into folders. Others use it as an online backup for their data. There are different ways to use this tool for different purposes, so the uses of google drive are endless!

One of the most significant advantages of using Google Drive as a project management tool is that it allows you to access your files from anywhere in the world. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your work or forgetting something while travelling.

Google Drive has many uses outside of just project management. It can be used as an online backup, collaboration tool, and even an online office application.

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a tool that helps project managers to organize and manage their projects. It allows them to keep track of their tasks, get reminders, create events, and share information with other team members.

Project managers can utilize Google Calendar in many ways. One of the most common uses is scheduling meetings with clients and other team members. It also helps keep track of tasks and deadlines so that the project manager would not miss them.

The advantages of using Google calendar are as follows:

6. Google Slides

Google Slides

Google Slide is a tool that can help project managers to manage their projects. It helps them to create and share presentations with team members and clients.

Project managers can use slides for various purposes, such as brainstorming, stakeholder management, and documenting project progress. It also has many features that make it easy to use and manage, like the ability to add text, images, and tables.

The advantage of using Google slides is that it is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with other tools like Gmail or Google Docs. The benefit of using this tool is that it allows you to choose how you want your presentation to look without any limitations on the design side other than what you have in mind.

7. Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard

Google jamboard is a tool that can be used to manage projects or tasks. It is a digital whiteboard that has the capability to connect with other Google tools like Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar. This tool provides an easy way to share ideas with your team and collaborate on projects.

The main advantage of Google jamboard is its ability to provide real-time visibility for your project and its progress. It provides a dashboard allowing you to see what’s going on in your project at any time. This makes it easier for you to keep track of the progress and make changes accordingly.

In addition, it can be used for collaboration purposes so that people from different departments can work on the same project simultaneously without having to worry about interrupting each other or missing out on important information.

8. Google Forms

Google Forms

Google forms are an excellent tool for project management. They are easy to use, flexible, and can be accessed anywhere.

Google Form is a free online form builder that allows users to create, collect, and analyze data in simple web forms. It’s designed for people who want to collect information from their team members or customers in an organized way.

There are many ways you can use Google Forms to manage your projects and gain more control of your workflows. Some of the most popular uses include: collecting feedback on a project before it’s launched, managing customer interactions, and creating surveys for marketing research.

It’s also worth noting that Google Forms is not just limited to web-based projects; they can be used in apps as well as email campaigns so long as they have an email list associated with them.

9. Gmail


Gmail is a free email service with an unlimited storage capacity, perfect for storing files related to projects.

Gmail has many features that make it easy to use for project management. It provides real-time updates, which allow users to know what’s happening with their projects at all times. It also has features like task lists, reminders, and labels that help users keep track of their tasks and stay organized.

Some other uses for Gmail are as follows:

10. Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet is a platform for online collaboration that improves communication and information sharing between teams and individuals.

Google Meet is one of the many tools available in project management. Some of the advantages of using this tool are that it’s easy to use, it can be used on any device, it’s secure, there are no time limits on meetings/conversations/notes, and you can have unlimited conversations with anyone who has an account on Google Meet without having to create new accounts or log out of old ones.

Alternative Project Management Tools

Google Workspace is a popular project management tool used by many companies. However, it is not the only project management tool out there. There are many other tools that can help you manage your projects in many ways.

Some of these alternatives include Trello, Yanado, Braid, Kissflow, Glasscubes, Vogsy, Flock, Asana, and Dragapp.


Google tools are a great way to increase productivity and collaboration across your team. The tools that Google provides are easy to use, help you manage projects and tasks, and ensure you’re working on the right things at the right time.


Does Google have a version of Microsoft Project?

With all the power of desktop project management tools like MS Project™ and all the advantages of cloud-based software, Gantter™ is one of the best CPM project management tools in the Google Chrome Web Store.

Can I use Google Workspace for free?

You can start using Google Workspace for free for 14 days after signing up. Google Workspace offers business email, online storage, and other features to up to 10 users. Any unused days will be applied to your new subscription if you switch editions during your free trial.

Is there a Google app like Trello?

Generally, Trello and Google Keep fall under the category of “Project Management” and “Task Management,” respectively. Using Google Keep, you can add goods to your shopping list without touching your phone. The reminders you set in Keep will also appear in Google Now.