Google Groups Collaborative

A Shared inbox is one of the most popular tools for team collaboration. They allow team members to communicate and share information in one place. One of the applications used by several companies to share inboxes is Google Collaborative Inbox, the newest feature in Gmail that simplifies your email waves and helps you manage all your email in one place.

In this blog, we will be exploring how to use Google Collaborative Inbox and its features.

What is Google Collaborative Inbox?

Google Collaborative Inbox is a tool that automatically sorts your email into categories based on the email’s content and to whom it was sent.

The collaborative inbox is a new Gmail feature which allows users to share their emails with other users and collaborate on them. The email’s sender will have complete control over who has access to the shared inbox and can add or remove people at any time. This way, everyone in the group can work on the same email without confusion or delay.

This Google app will come in handy if you are working on a project with others and need to collaborate on it together or working in an environment where lots of messages are being sent around all the time. So, how do you create a Google Collaborative Inbox?

How to create a Google Groups Collaborative Inbox

Setting up a Google Group Collaborative Inbox is an easy process. It will take you less than five minutes to set up and start sharing your email account with others. All you need is a Gmail account and a Google Group email address.

This article will show you how to create a Google Groups shared inbox and share it with your team.

Step 1: Create a new Google Groups account by selecting the “Create an Account” button.

Step 2: Go to the “Groups” tab on the left side of your screen and click “Create Group” to create a new group.

Step 3: Give your group a name and then click on the blue button that says “Create Group” at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Once you have created your google group, go back to the left-hand side of your screen, where there is now an option for “Groups” followed by “Your Groups.” Click this option to access all of the google groups you have created.

Why do teams use Google’s collaborative inbox?

Google Groups Collaborative Inbox is a great way to keep in touch with your team member, share information, and collaborate on projects. Using Google Groups Collaborative Inbox over an individual Gmail account has many benefits. Below are some advantages of using Google Groups Collaborative Inbox:

Cut down on email overload

When you have a team that works together on projects, they need to stay on top of tasks and deadlines. Team members can access the shared mailbox and see everything assigned to them or addressed. This makes it more efficient and less disruptive when messages arrive in their inbox.

Visibility for managers

Using Google Groups Collaborative Inbox, you have greater visibility over message status. You can also see who is responsible for responding to an email, or you can assign it to someone else. It also offers powerful tools for organising your inbox messages and creating conversations with multiple people.

Assignments for accountability

Gmail Shared Inbox allows users to see what tasks are assigned to them at a glance and share emails, docs, attachments and other files with teammates with just one click. This feature makes it easier for team members to get their work done more productively.

What can you do with a Google Groups Collaborative Inbox?

Google Groups Collaborative

Google Groups Collaborative Inbox is the perfect productivity tool for today’s workplace. It has everything you need to speed up your work and save time and money. This section will discuss ways to make the most of Google Groups Collaborative Inbox.

Project Management

A shared inbox can serve as a central point of communication for projects within your company. Shared inboxes are a great way to organise communication among team members. No more searching through multiple email threads to find information or files. It also helps you stay on top of your work by keeping you updated with the latest updates.

Customer Support

Customer support can be a nightmare. Customer queries are centralised and easier to manage with just one customer service inbox. Google Collaborative Inbox prevents this from happening as customer support is streamlined with a shared inbox.

Customers won’t need to wait as long for a response since messages will be more visible to team members; hence, they will respond more quickly. Since you can delegate emails to team members, several emails won’t overshadow customer emails.


Salespeople can use shared inboxes to manage account communication. It can also be used to post content on social media, track and report on the progress of leads, organise tasks, and store important documents. Using this feature, team members can customise follow-up messages for prospects and customers based on what they say.


With Google Groups Collaborative Inbox, all the emails from different addresses can be managed in one place. The shared inbox is an app that can help PR and marketing professionals to manage their work more efficiently.

It has all the features of a regular shared inbox, including email scheduling, task management, scheduling meetings with clients and team members, tracking conversations and managing tasks. This is important for marketers because it saves them time and makes it easier to keep track of what’s going on in the company.


Collaborative inboxes are a new way of managing emails. They allow users to collaborate with others on a single email thread. Google Groups Collaborative Inbox helps people who have many messages coming in from different sources and need help sorting them into relevant areas.

This newest feature of Google can offer help in project management, customer support, sales, and PR or marketing. Aside from these, listed below are some benefits of using Google Groups Collaborative Inbox:


Is Google Collaborative Inbox free?

Google’s new inbox is designed to make it easier to manage. Even better is that it’s free and simple to install, so you can start organising your email today.

Where do Google Group Collaborative Emails go?

Google Group Collaborative Emails go to the inbox of the person who created the email. This is because they are sent from that person’s email address.

How do I see my Shared Inbox from Google Collaborative Inbox?

The Shared Inbox is a new feature from Google that helps you and your team organise emails, see what’s most important, and take action on messages together.

To see your Shared Inbox:

Search for “Shared” in the app menu at the top of the screen (this may vary depending on your device). Select “Inbox”. You’ll be taken to your Shared Inbox. To switch back to your regular Gmail inbox, select “Inbox” from the app menu again.