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Service Handler Gmail

Want to find a way to streamline your workflow in Gmail? A service handler in Gmail is the perfect example of this.

A Gmail Service Handler is a software program that acts as an intermediary between the Gmail service and its users. Additionally, it serves as a security layer, protecting the user’s information and ensuring that all requests are authenticated and authorised.

A Service Handler is thus a critical component of the Gmail service that ensures smooth user interactions and secure communications. In this blog, we will show you how to set it up and the examples and benefits of it. Keep reading to find out more!

What Is A Gmail Service Handler?

A service handler is a feature in Gmail that allows users to automate tasks and streamline their email experience. It is a script that runs in the background, monitoring incoming emails and performing specific actions based on predefined rules. Service handlers can be used for various purposes, such as filtering, sorting, labelling, and forwarding emails.

Service handlers are especially useful for managing large volumes of emails. For example, receiving hundreds of emails daily can make it difficult to keep track of important messages. A service handler can automatically sort your emails into categories based on sender, subject line, keywords, and other criteria. This can help you focus on the most important emails and avoid getting distracted by irrelevant ones.

How To Install A Service Handler In Gmail

Setting up a service handler in Gmail is a relatively simple process. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open Google Chrome: The service handler feature is only available in Google Chrome, so ensure you have the browser installed on your computer.
  2. Sign in to your Gmail account: Make sure you’re signed in to your Gmail account in the same browser you’re using.
  3. Click on the diamond-shaped icon: This icon is located to the right of the bookmark star in the Chrome address bar.
  4. Select “” from the list: This will prompt Chrome to ask if you want to allow Gmail to open all email links. Click “Allow” to confirm.
  5. Test the service handler: Find an email link on a website or in an email and click on it. It should now open a new compose window in your Gmail account.

All done! Your service handler is active and will automatically perform the specified actions whenever an email meets your filter criteria.

Examples Of Gmail Service Handler Use Cases

Here are some examples of how service handlers can be used to enhance your email experience:

  • Labelling and Filtering: You can set up a service handler to automatically label and filter your emails based on specific criteria. For example, you can label all emails from your boss as “Important” and filter all emails from a specific sender to a separate folder.
  • Auto-Response: If you receive many customer support emails, you can use a service handler to send a response to the sender automatically. This can help you manage your inbox and ensure customers receive timely responses.
  • Priority Inbox: You can set up a service handler to create a priority inbox that only displays important emails. This can help you avoid getting overwhelmed by emails and focus on the ones that require immediate attention.
  • Email Forwarding: You can use a service handler to forward emails to another email address automatically. This can be useful if you want to keep a backup of your emails or if you want to forward certain emails to a colleague or assistant.
  • Email Archiving: You can set up a service handler to automatically archive emails after a certain time. This can help you keep your inbox organised and prevent it from getting cluttered with old emails.

Benefits Of Using A Service Handler In Gmail


Service handlers can help you automate repetitive tasks and save time. This can be especially useful if you receive a large volume of emails each day. With a service handler, you can quickly sort and filter your emails, respond to important messages, and keep your inbox organised.

Increased Productivity

Service handlers help increase productivity by automating tasks and reducing inbox management time. You can focus on important tasks and avoid getting distracted by irrelevant emails.

Better Organisation

Service handlers can help you keep your inbox organised and reduce clutter. By labelling, filtering, and archiving your emails, you can easily find important messages and avoid getting overwhelmed by a backlog of unread emails.


Service handlers can be customised to suit your specific needs and preferences. You can set up filters and rules that work best for you and modify them as your needs change.

Improved Communication

Service handlers can help improve your communication by ensuring that important messages are prioritised and responded to promptly. This can be especially useful for business or professional communication, where timely responses are important.

Reduced Stress

Using service handlers helps you manage your inbox more efficiently and reduces stress and anxiety. You can enjoy a more streamlined and efficient email experience without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Service Handler Gmail


Using a service handler in Gmail can provide a range of benefits for users. Whether you want to increase productivity, improve organisation, or reduce stress, a service handler can help you achieve your goals and enhance your email experience.

With the right setup and customisation, you can fully utilise this powerful feature and streamline your email management. Get started now!


Can service handlers be used for both personal and business email accounts?

Yes, service handlers can be used for both personal and business email accounts.

They can be especially useful for managing high volumes of email in a professional setting, but they can also help streamline personal email management.

Are there any limitations to using service handlers in Gmail?

There are some limitations to using service handlers in Gmail. For example, there are limits on the number of emails that can be processed in a given period, and some actions may not be possible depending on the specific Gmail account and settings.

However, careful customisation and configuration can often work around these limitations.

Is it safe to use a service handler in Gmail?

Yes, using a service handler in Gmail is generally safe if you take appropriate security precautions. This includes:

  • Carefully reviewing the code and permissions required by the service handler.
  • Using strong passwords and two-factor authentication.
  • Limiting access to your Gmail account.

It’s also important to be aware of potential security risks associated with third-party integrations and to only use trusted sources for code and services.

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