Gmail Attachment Size Limit

Have you ever wondered why your attachments won’t send? Most likely, this is because of the large file size. Continue reading to know whether your attachment is safe to send or not!

What Is The Gmail Attachment Size Limit?

The Gmail Attachment Size Limit is the maximum size of an attachment that Gmail will allow. It is set at 25 MB and cannot exceed this limit.

If you want to send a file larger than 25 MB, you should use a third-party service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Is It Possible To Send A 3 GB File Through Gmail?

You can send a 3 GB file through Gmail. Make sure the recipient’s email address is authorised to receive large attachments.

The file size limit for an attachment in Gmail depends on the type of account that you are using and how much storage space you have available on your device.

How To Attach Files In Gmail

How To Attach Files Gmail

If you are looking for an easy way to attach a file to your email, you can use the Attachments tab on the compose screen. You can also drag and drop a file onto the message text field or choose File-Attachments from the menu bar in Gmail’s navigation bar.

Gmail supports attaching multiple types of files:

Images: JPG, PNG, GIF

Video: MP4

Audio: MP3

3 Reasons You Should Increase Your Gmail Attachment Size Limit

This is a common question that many people have. The answer is simple: email attachments increase productivity and reduce the risk of data loss.

The three reasons why you should increase your Gmail attachment size limit are:

How To Get Around The Gmail Attachment Size Limit

Option 1: Use Google Drive

The Gmail attachment size limit is a problem that many users have to deal with. The solution is to use Google Drive, which can handle large files without issues.

If you are using Google Drive, you can send large files as attachments in Gmail. It’s also possible to create a folder for the file and share it with your friends and colleagues.

Google Drive is an online storage service that lets you store your data in the cloud and access it from anywhere with a web browser or an app on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Option 2: Make Your Files Smaller

Gmail imposes a size limit on their email attachments. To avoid getting into trouble, make your file small enough, so it doesn’t exceed the maximum attachment size allowed by Gmail.

One way to make your files smaller is by compressing them.

Compression should be done with Gzip and can be done with the help of a free program called 7-Zip. The compression process will take a few minutes, but it will be worth it.

Option 3: Send Your Files Across Multiple Emails

The Gmail attachment size limit is a major issue for businesses. It prevents them from sending large files to their clients or colleagues. The solution to this problem is to send your files across multiple emails.

When you have finished sending the emails, open up Gmail and go into the “Sent Items” folder – there will be a single item with the name of your file attached as an email attachment, which can be downloaded easily.

Option 4: Send Using A Different Platform

Instead of sending your email through Gmail, you can send it through an alternative email service provider like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. You can also find other alternatives that let you send large attachments without any restrictions, such as SendGrid or Postmark

5 Gmail Extension Tips To Increase Your Attachment Size Limit

Gmail Extension Tips

With these Gmail extensions, you can increase your attachment size limit and get many other benefits.

Send and Archive Emails – This extension lets you send emails to your Gmail account that are archived for later viewing. It also adds an attachment with the email content to preserve it even if the email is deleted from the inbox.

Mail Goggles – This extension prevents anyone from seeing your emails by sending them to a specific folder or deleting them completely before they arrive in their inboxes.

Mail Templates – This extension lets you create custom templates for emails that can be saved as drafts or sent immediately when needed by clicking on a single button

Mail Merge Tool – With this tool, you can combine different types of data into one email and send it out in seconds without any need for formatting.


In conclusion, the Gmail attachment size limit is a limitation that can be limiting for some people. People who are limited in how many attachments they can send may not be able to send as many emails as they would like. This limitation can help to manage and organise emails sent through Gmail.

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Is there a limit on how many attachments you can send in Gmail?

After a certain point, Gmail will start to block the number of attachments you can send in your email. This is to prevent spam and cyber-attacks.

There is no hard limit on how many attachments you can send in Gmail, but if you’re sending too many emails with attachments, Gmail may start blocking them.

How do I send large files with Gmail through Google Drive?

If you want to send a large file with Gmail through Google Drive, you can use the following steps:

How to send a file over 25MB on Gmail without Google Drive?

To send a file over 25MB on Gmail without Google Drive, you can use the following steps: