Gmail and Mailchimp Guide

Gmail, sometimes referred to as Google Mail, is a free email service developed by Google. It offers a conventional webmail interface and an advanced spam filtering service.

This application makes it easy to find your friends, family, and all the emails in your inbox. Whether you’re writing a letter or creating an ad for your favourite online retailer, Gmail gives you peace of mind.

MailChimp is a third-party email marketing tool that gives people an easy way to send and manage bulk emails. It has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and is the most popular email marketing service in the market.

This popular email service has led to many third-party apps built around it. A favourite third-party app is MailChimp for WordPress-based websites. This app allows you to easily create newsletters, segments, and follow-ups with no coding knowledge required.

As email marketing becomes more and more prevalent in our daily lives, we can see that there is a higher demand for tools that help people manage their email campaigns more efficiently. Due to the surge in popularity in this field, both companies are expanding their usability and offering new tools to aid them in this task.

With this integration, it is easier for Mailchimp users to manage their emails with Gmail since they already have accounts set up on both platforms. Mailchimp users will be able to use Gmail as a separate tab when starting up the application. This allows them to quickly go into their emails and start sending out emails from there, whereas before, the individual would have needed to go through two steps if they wanted to send out an email from Gmail itself.

Advantages of Integrating Gmail with Mailchimp

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage your email marketing campaigns, then integrating Gmail with Mailchimp may be the perfect solution for you. Not only can you efficiently manage your contacts and messages, but Mailchimp also allows you to create beautiful emails and track your conversions more effectively.

Both platforms offer a wide range of features that can help you run successful campaigns.

How to integrate Gmail and MailchimpIntegrate Gmail and Mailchimp

Gmail and Mailchimp both allow integrations. This means that you can use one or both programs for the same purpose. After you create a Gmail account, you need to add Mailchimp to it. You’ll have to connect your two accounts and import your contacts into the email marketing platform.

Step 1: Log in to your account at

Step 2: Navigate to the Integrations tab

Step 3: Click “Add MailChimp integration”

Step 4: Enter the name of your Gmail account

Step 5: Enter the email address for your MailChimp account – this is different from the email address that you use for signing up for MailChimp at, but it is also very important!

Step 6: Click “Save” and wait for a moment. Then you will see two new tabs on your dashboard, one for Gmail and one for MailChimp. They will look like this with an icon next to them indicating an active integration!

Some Tips to Improve Mailchimp Delivery to Gmail?


Integrating Gmail and Mailchimp can save you time and make your email marketing efforts more efficient. By using their powerful tools, you can create better newsletters, manage your list better, and track your progress more easily.


How to purchase a Mailchimp domain?

There are a few ways to purchase Mailchimp domains:

  1. Go to the Mailchimp domain marketplace and search for a domain that you want.
  2. Contact Mailchimp support and ask them how to purchase a domain.
  3. Buy a Mailchimp domain through an auction website like eBay.
  4. Buy a Mailchimp domain through a private sale.
  5. Buy a Mailchimp domain through brokerages.
  6. Buy a Mailchimp domain through hacker groups or black markets.

How to create email automation in Mailchimp?

If you’re like most Mailchimp users, you probably love creating beautiful, automated email sequences. But what if you want to take your automation further? First, set up your Automation account. This will allow you to send new subscribers messages, join lists, and more.

Once your automation account is set up, create a new sequence by clicking on the “New Sequence” button in the upper left corner of your automation panel. Next, add a step by clicking on the “Add Step” button in the lower right corner of your sequence panel. You can use this step to do anything from sending welcome emails to prompting subscribers to subscribe right away.

What are some popular Mailchimp integrations?

Some popular Mailchimp integrations include: