Using Zoom for Gmail and Google Workspace

Zoom is a simple yet powerful tool. It provides an environment for you to communicate efficiently and effectively with your team and clients by delivering high-quality content to them on time per your schedule.

In today’s world of fast communication, email is the main way to communicate with your contacts and colleagues. Zoom for Gmail lets you start an instant meeting or schedule a meeting with your email participants. After the meeting is complete, the add-on will automatically send an email and a meeting summary to everyone in the email thread.

This is an interesting add-on that provides an easy way to track the progress of a meeting. It will automatically record the date, time and products discussed during the meeting, with details of any resolutions reached. This will make it easier for companies to review progress with their teams and determine whether they are on track to meeting their deadlines.

If the add-on is enabled for your account, it will appear for all users on any desktop browser. Additionally, you can schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar and Gmail using Zoom for Google Workspace.

In this blog, we will show you how to install the Zoom for Google Workspace Add-on and how you can use it to increase efficiency and productivity.

How to install the Zoom for Google Workspace add-on

There is no doubt that Google Workspace has been one of the most widely used productivity applications for a long time. It has many features that help you organise your files and tasks, and it also helps you to collaborate with your team members.

Google Chrome’s new Zoom feature allows users to use Zoom and let them interact with the content. This makes it easier for users to be in touch with their team members, and it also makes it easier for the admins to maintain workflows in Google Workspace.

If you are an administrator of Google Workspace and would like Zoom for Google Workspace to be installed for all users, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in as an admin to your Google Workspace account.
  2. Go to the Google Workspace Marketplace and search for Zoom.
  3. To add Zoom to Google Workspace, click on the button below.
  4. Then click ‘Install’ and ‘Continue’.
  5. If you want the app to be available to your entire domain or a specific team or department, review the terms of service, select the agreement box, and click Accept.

You can install Zoom for Google Workspace for your users if you manage your organisation’s Google account and have access to the Google Admin console.

How to use the Zoom for Google Workspace add-on

The Zoom for Google Workspace add-on lets you schedule, join, and manage meetings directly from Gmail or Google Calendar. You can sync your scheduler settings through the Zoom web portal. When the add-on is installed, you can use it in a desktop web browser (Gmail or Google Calendar) or a mobile device (Google Calendar app). For further use of this amazing integration, read the listed significant features of Zoom for Google Workspace below:

Schedule a meeting from Google Calendar

Scheduling a meeting from Google Calendar is quite easy. The steps are as follows:

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar using a web browser.
  2. For your meeting, click Create or select a time slot on the calendar.
  3. Details such as the meeting’s title, location, and guests should be entered.
  4. Click More options.
  5. Select Zoom Meeting from the Add video conferencing drop-down menu. The Zoom meeting option will be added to Google Calendar.
  6. Click Zoom for Google Workspace on the right-side panel and change meeting settings as needed, such as joining before hosting.
  7. Click Save.

Schedule a meeting with an email thread in Gmail

The add-on allows you to schedule Zoom meetings from Gmail. The add-on will automatically populate the meeting topic with the email topic. Zoom will send join details to the email’s sender when you schedule a meeting from Gmail. Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to Gmail using a web browser.
  2. Create an email thread.
  3. Click Zoom for Google Workspace on the right-side panel.
  4. Click on Schedule a meeting.
  5. In the panel, you can choose your default meeting settings, such as the meeting ID, the passcode, and the waiting room.
  6. As needed, enter the meeting details:
    • Topic: The add-on will suggest the meeting topic based on the email’s subject.
    • Timezone: Zoom defaults to the time zone you set. Select a different time zone.
    • When: The add-on suggests a date and time, or you can enter your own.
    • Duration: Decide how long the meeting will last.
  7. You can email your meeting participants after you create the meeting by clicking the arrow under the Mail options.

    • It will automatically add participants from the email thread to the invite list, but you can select or clear the check box next to their email address to invite or remove them.
    • When you enable Invite participants via email, these email addresses will receive an email with the details, not a Google Calendar invite. You can send a Google Calendar invitation by editing the meeting schedule or scheduling a new meeting in Google Calendar.

Edit a scheduled meeting in Google Calendar

Do not copy the Zoom meeting details to a new calendar entry when rescheduling a Zoom meeting from Google Calendar. The steps are given below to edit a scheduled meeting in Google Calendar.

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar using a web browser.
  2. Select a Zoom meeting from the calendar.
  3. To edit an event, click the pencil icon.
  4. Make any necessary changes to the meeting details.
  5. Click the Update Meeting button.

It is important to remember that only changes to the topic, date, time, and time zone will be synced to the Zoom web portal and client/app. Other meeting details will only apply to the Google Calendar event.

View and join a meeting

Zoom web scheduler would not display any meeting details, such as the invite link, meeting topic, or invitee list if the meeting host marked their meeting as Private. Follow the steps below to view and join a zoom meeting.

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar using a web browser.
  2. A Zoom meeting will appear when you click the calendar event.
  3. Joining Zoom is as simple as clicking the Join Zoom Meeting button.
  4. You will be prompted by your browser to open Zoom.


You can start an instant meeting or schedule an appointment with your email participants in Gmail using the Zoom for Gmail and Google Workspace add-on. It can also automatically send a meeting summary after the meeting to everyone on the email thread. With more companies adapting to the Work-from-home setup, this extension can be very useful to organise meetings with your team members easily.


Can Zoom be used with a Gmail account?

You can log in with your Google or Facebook account. With an existing Zoom account linked to Google or Facebook, you can add an email and password login using the same email address.

Is Zoom linked to a Google account?

In the Zoom web application, you can create a new account and log in using your Google account. This is a feature that is only available to Google users.

How do I open Google Workspace Zoom Extension?

This extension is available for both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Just click on the Zoom icon beside the web search.