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Android-powered phones rely significantly on Google services to carry out even the most basic tasks. Do you need to place a restaurant or Uber order? Google’s location services are required for that. Want a YouTube video to play on your TV? That needs an active Google account and a few background services to function.

Android smartphones can be extremely powerful and adaptable, but they also have issues. One of the biggest irritants is when Google apps crash, which prevents you from using the offending app and may also impact many other apps that rely on its services.

Why Do My Google Apps Keep Crashing?

For the past few months, the most common complaint on the internet has been, “My Google app keeps crashing on my Android phone.” Many people are even ignorant of the causes of this and the solutions. Users of Android phones, including those who use Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Lens, and even Google Maps, have made up most of those who have experienced it.

Numerous factors could be at play if your apps keep crashing. Examples include devices having insufficient internal storage, insufficient hardware to operate the programs, or just a corrupt app installation. Because Google apps expressly coordinate with one another, they are more likely to crash.

Nothing is more annoying than an app that continually crashes matter the cause. Here are nine ways to fix this irritation and resume enjoying using your Google apps. Some options may have names slightly different from what we’ve shown, depending on your phone’s manufacturer and Android version.

1. Force Stop the App

Because of the sheer volume of phones that a dozen manufacturers release each month, Android has long been known for its unreliable apps. This led to the creation of the useful Force Stop option, which disables the entire app and its services until you relaunch it. This is an excellent method for resolving app crashes that may have been brought on by a flawed start instance.

To stop an app on Android forcibly:

To go directly to the app’s settings, you may also long-press the impacted app on your launcher and select App details.

2. Restart your device

Jokes aside, restarting your phone might be all that is necessary to restore order to your apps and services, which could resolve any app crashes you have been experiencing.

3. Check for App Updates or Uninstall Updates

Even though it’s unlikely that any Google apps will be released with a significant flaw, looking for updates may solve this problem. Make sure the Google app runs the most recent version by visiting the Google Play Store and checking the My Apps area.

It’s best practice to routinely check for app updates manually, whereas the Play Store doesn’t always update apps automatically.

Alternatively, removing an app’s updates if you’ve downloaded the beta version might work just as well.

  1. Tap on App details by long-pressing the app.
  2. Uninstall updates can be selected by tapping the three-dotted icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Click OK, then verify that the program is operating as it should.

4. Clear the cache and data

Any temporary data that the app stores to speed up and improve the efficiency of subsequent launches is considered cached data. Removing unused data and cleaning your cache regularly can also keep your apps functioning more smoothly.

You can also erase the program’s data or uninstall and reinstall the app to correct inaccurate data. While deleting the cache won’t change your stored data and in-app options, doing so will force you to re-login and configure the app.

  1. Press and hold the impacted app while selecting App details.
  2. Tap on Clear cache or Clear data after choosing Storage.
  3. Click OK, then open the app again to see if the crashing has stopped.

5. Reinstall Android System WebView

The Android System WebView service, which displays online material inside an app, is pre-installed on every Android phone. Most Google apps significantly rely on this service, and if it’s not functioning properly, they might even crash.

Check the Play Store for any Android System WebView app upgrades that could be available, or go to its App Info page to uninstall any updates, much like you did with the Google app previously.

6. Check the App Permissions

The program causing you problems may likely have had certain rights revoked. Ensure all necessary permissions are granted on the App Info page’s Permissions tab.

7. Check Your Storage Space

Lack of storage capacity for the program to write any further data is another cause of app crashes on Android. Check Settings > System > Storage to see which files or programs are causing your phone to run slowly. To free up space on your phone so other apps can run, try uninstalling unwanted apps or deleting unimportant media.

8. Sideload a Different Version of the App

Depending on the architecture of your phone and other factors, some app versions are cursed from the beginning. A new version of the same software may be sideloaded as an option if updating the app doesn’t appear to resolve the issue.

On APKMirror, you may manually install an APK file on your phone and find the latest versions of Google apps. If the most recent version number keeps crashing on your phone, try looking for it a little earlier.

9. Factory Reset Your Device

You’ve tried everything but to no avail. We only advise performing a factory reset on your smartphone if many apps continue to misbehave and the problem appears more related to a bad software update than a problematic app installation.

Before you reset your phone, back up all of your data. Select Reset by going to Settings > System > Backup and Reset. After entering your phone’s pin or password, wait a few minutes until your phone starts up again.


It’s likely that taking the brief actions above will solve the problem for you. If the Google app you want to use still frequently crashes, look for any upgrades on the Play Store that might resolve the problem.

In the interim, we advise using a reliable substitute for the app that keeps crashing. There are millions of apps available in the Play Store, so finding an equivalent to any Google app is not at all difficult.


Why are all my Google apps crashing?

If a Google app keeps crashing, there may have been a poor update from Google, or your Android OS may not have received an update. If many apps are closing, your smartphone might be the issue.

Why does Google keep going unresponsive?

When a web page takes too long to load or does not load properly, Google Chrome typically shows a “Page Unresponsive” message. Selecting Exit pages and refreshing the affected page should typically help you permanently remove the error. If not, try using a different browser, like Edge, Safari, or Firefox, to visit the page.

Can I delete the Google app and reinstall it?

You can reinstall a paid-for app if you uninstall it later without paying again. The system apps that came with your phone can also be disabled. You’re using an outdated Android version, which is important.