ClickUp and Gmail Integrations

In just a few clicks, you can connect ClickUp and Gmail with any of your favourite apps. Integrating apps like ClickUp and Gmail into automated visual workflows allows you to design, build, and automate anything you need for your work. With our no-code toolkit, you can connect to apps not yet in our library or choose from thousands of ready-made apps.


ClickUp is a content marketing automation platform that helps brands maximise the impact of their content. They have developed tools to help brands create, publish, and track content.

The idea behind ClickUp is to provide a simple way for companies to collect customer feedback. The company’s platform is built on the premise that you can use useful information to make better decisions if you can gather useful information. Using ClickUp, companies can reach out to their customers and ask them what they think about their products and services.


Gmail is a web-based service with several features that make it an ideal tool for online communication. Gmail allows users to send and receive emails, view, and organise their email, access their calendars, search through their mail, and more.

With Gmail, you can easily send emails to your contacts without learning how to use it. The application also lets you save your messages, so they are easy to find again later when needed. You can also set up rules for when certain types of messages should be sent out and when they should.

How to Connect Your Gmail to ClickUp?

We are all familiar with the idea of email marketing. However, there is a huge gap between what we think we know about it and what happens when we send emails.

Gmail is a great tool for sending and receiving emails. However, there are many limitations to the usability of Gmail, such as the inability to send attachments. ClickUp is a web-based email platform that allows you to use Gmail as an email client with a few extra features. It also has built-in webmail, integration with Google Calendar, and integrated voice response.

Integrating Gmail and ClickUp allows the user to transfer information between platforms effortlessly. Any action within Gmail or ClickUp will sync with the other platform, such as receiving a new email or creating a new task. It is easy to integrate these two platforms. Just follow the steps listed below:

  1. Download the latest version of ClickUp on your desktop as an extension.
  2. Sign in to your ClickUp account, then add ClickUp as an extension on your computer.
  3. Go to your Gmail inbox and click the ClickUp Logo in an email of your choice.
  4. Launch the ClickUp extension. Once the extension pane opens, you can create tasks, lists, and more.

You can also attach to or create a new task using ClickUp. Attaching the task adds your email to the current task as a rich attachment. Creating a new task involves making your email a new task attachment.

How to use Gmail and ClickUp Integration?

After integrating these applications, whenever you will add a new task to your ClickUp account, the email will automatically send to the customer regarding the task via Gmail in real-time. Aside from this, there are many ways to use ClickUp and Gmail. In this article, we will focus on the most popular ways to use this integration.

Send emails on ClickUp.

To email on ClickUp using ClickUp for Gmail Integration, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the email button within your task.
  2. A pop-up will appear in the From tab; choose Link an Email from the drop-down options.
  3. Sign in to your Gmail Account.
  4. Once you have chosen your desired email account, a pop-up window will appear again, asking you to grant ClickUp access to your Google Account.
  5. Grant ClickUp access by clicking Allow.
  6. You can now select who can access the email and its features.
  7. Choose those who can send emails from the account, generate signatures, and create email templates. Click Done after this.

Once you are done, a page opens for you to compose and send your emails. You can now type the email address of the person you want to email, type a subject, and your message.

Attach to task

You can attach your email as a rich attachment to an existing task. Your attachment will be named the subject of your email, and you will preview, download, and even open it.

Create new task

Make a new task out of your email. The subject line will become the task name by default, but this can be adjusted before creation. As an attachment to your newly created task, you can preview, download, and open your email right from ClickUp.

If your email does not have the ClickUp logo, be sure to toggle on the Email feature in the extension Settings after downloading the extension.

See which tasks emails have been attached to

As soon as you attach an email to a task, you’ll see a button with the task’s name. If you click on this, you will be taken to ClickUp to complete the task.


There are several integrations with Gmail. ClickUp can increase the user’s efficiency and productivity. With ClickUp and Gmail Integration, users can send and read emails without switching between the two platforms. They can also create an automated email that sends emails at specific times. Integrate ClickUp with Gmail so you can manage your customers, help them stay in contact with their accounts, and get instant answers.


How do I automate emails in ClickUp?

Email automations are allowed in ClickUp. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the ellipsis for Space, folder, or list and select Automations.
  2. Scroll down and click More Settings.
  3. Select Automation.
  4. Click +Add automation.
  5. From the automation tab, select Email from the left sidebar.
  6. Select an email Automation, then choose an account or sign in.
  7. In the Create Custom Automation modal, enter your information.
  8. Click Create.

Can ClickUp link to Google Calendar?

Yes, using the ClickUp link to Google Calendar is a great way to get the attention of your clients. It allows you to promote your services and bring them closer.

Is ClickUp compatible with Google workspace?

The answer is yes. We can use ClickUp to create content in Google’s workspace. It’s great for those who want to finish their work quickly and efficiently.