Gmail Ad Blocker

Are you tired of seeing ads all over your Gmail inbox? Do you want to have a cleaner and faster email experience? Blocking ads in Gmail is the answer!

This guide will help you understand how to block ads in Gmail and provide tips on ensuring your email experience is always clean and fast. We will also discuss the use cases of blocking ads in Gmail, so you can ensure that your emails are free from unwanted ads.

What Are Ads In Gmail?

Gmail Ads are a form of online advertising that appears in your Gmail inbox. They are tailored to your interests and can be used to promote products, services, and other businesses.

Fortunately, you can easily block these ads if they become too intrusive or you don’t want to see them anymore.

Gmail users are increasingly using ad and unsolicited email blockers to protect their inboxes from spam. Blocking ads and unsolicited emails in your Gmail account can provide numerous benefits, such as improved security, increased productivity, and a better overall user experience.

With the help of these blockers, you can reduce the amount of time spent dealing with unwanted emails and focus on more important tasks. Furthermore, blocking ads and unsolicited emails helps protect your data from malicious actors trying to gain access to your account.

By blocking these sources of distraction and potential threats, you can ensure that your Gmail account remains secure while you enjoy an uninterrupted experience.

Ways To Block Ads In Your Gmail

Switch Off The Ads Personalisation Option

Gmail is a powerful platform for businesses and individuals. It is used for communication purposes and provides the user with many opportunities to promote their products or services.

One of the ways Google does this is by displaying ads based on the parameters of your Google account. All Google services are linked, forming a cloud-based software ecosystem, making targeting potential customers with customised ads based on their interests and activities easier than ever.

With the rising popularity of the internet, logging into multiple accounts and tools has become an arduous task. To make this easier, many platforms now offer a single login option with multi-device sync and comprehensive tools integration. This makes it easier to manage all your accounts and settings in one place. One such setting is ad preferences- you can easily turn off ads in Gmail in just a few clicks!

All you have to do is follow this link and switch the ads’ personalisation option off. Following this measure, you won’t be targeted with Google services ads based on your browsing activities. However, you may still get ads without them being generated through tracking.

Block Ads In Gmail

Add Or Remove Category Tabs In Gmail

Keeping up with the influx of emails and notifications from social media accounts can be a daunting task. Thankfully, modern email providers such as Gmail have made it easier to manage your inbox by sorting emails into two separate tabs: Social and Promotions. This tabular system allows users to quickly identify important emails while also helping to filter out those pesky ads that so often clutter our inboxes.

Do not fret. If you want to block ads from Gmail permanently, follow these few steps below, and you will be ready!

  1. First, you will want to open Gmail in your web browser.
  2. Look for the gear Settings icon located next to the search bar.
  3. Click on the “See all settings” bar in the drop-down menu.
  4. Find the Inbox tab.
  5. Choose the Default option in the Inbox type section.
  6. Uncheck the boxes for Socials and Promotions. You will find this in the Categories section.
  7. Click the Save Changes bar at the bottom of the page.

Gmail ads can be a nuisance and detract from your user experience. Thankfully, another easy solution to this problem is installing a good ad blocker. With an ad blocker, you can prevent intrusive ads from appearing in your Gmail inbox and enjoy the Social and Promotion tabs without interruption.

Using Third-Party Apps And Extensions To Block Ads in Gmail: AdLock

Online ads have become a major nuisance to most internet users. With AdLock, you can browse the web without being bombarded with annoying ads and pop-ups. This powerful tool blocks all unwanted ads, allowing you to experience a clutter-free, distraction-free browsing experience.

AdLock stops ads from loading on your device, so there’s no risk of accidentally clicking on shady in-ad links. Whether you’re a casual browser or an avid online shopper, AdLock is the perfect solution to give you peace of mind while browsing the web.

Block Or Unsubscribe From Certain Gmail Newsletters

Google has revolutionized our email management with its latest addition to Gmail: the two-click unsubscribe feature. This intuitive feature makes it easier than ever to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters, allowing users to take control of their inboxes and save time and energy.

The algorithm used by Google can quickly identify newsletters, allowing users to quickly and easily unsubscribe. This powerful feature helps Gmail users stay organized and productive by eliminating unnecessary emails cluttering their inboxes.

Find an email from the online store, open it and click on the little grey “Unsubscribe” sign next to the sender’s email address on top, you can confirm by hitting the blue button Unsubscribe in the dialogue box that’s it! You are free from all those pesky emails.


Blocking ads in Gmail allows you to enjoy a smoother and more efficient email experience without distractions or delays. Furthermore, it is also a great way to improve productivity, protect your privacy, and reduce distractions while browsing online.

Following these simple steps to block ads from Gmail will give you a tranquil experience going through your emails. It’s all smooth sailing from here!


How do I block ads on Gmail Android?

To stop seeing promotions and ads in your Gmail inbox, you must log in and click on the settings (gear) icon in the top right-hand corner. Then select ‘configure inbox’ from the menu and choose ‘disable promotions.’

You can disable the social tab if you want full control over which emails are seen.

Are Gmails ads safe?

Yes, it is.

However, though it is generally safe to click on Google ads, one should be cautious regarding any online advertisement. There may be malicious links that can compromise your computer’s security or steal essential personal data. Therefore, vigilance is a must when it comes to clicking ads.

Why am I getting ads in my Gmail?

Ads only appear when you select the tabbed Inbox option and are available in the Promotions and Social categories. If you wish to stop seeing these ads, switch to a different Inbox view or disable those tabs.