Asana for Gmail

Asana for Gmail is a powerful tool for organising personal and professional tasks. It is a task management app that can help you stay on top of your inbox, get things done faster, and get more done in less time.

Asana for Gmail lets you have the best of both worlds by giving you the power of an email client with all the benefits of Asana’s task management solution. Read on to learn more about how to maximise this newest integration!

Introduction to Asana

Asana is a task management software that helps you stay organised, complete tasks on time, and finish the job. With Asana, you can create projects and assign tasks to specific people or groups. You can also share your progress with other team members, so they know what’s going on with your project.

Introduction to Gmail

Gmail is a free email service that helps users stay connected with their family, friends and colleagues. It helps them achieve more in less time with the help of advanced features like spam filters, search capabilities, social networking integration, instant messaging chat capabilities and more.

Understanding Asana Gmail Integration

Asana is a project management software that helps teams to organise their workflow. It has a Gmail integration, allowing you to use your Gmail account as a workspace for Asana. This integration is useful for those who want to use both platforms and see all their emails across both platforms.

The email can then be assigned tasks, due dates, and comments, just like any other task in the system. You can also use it to create new tasks and set reminders so they will be alerted when it’s time to do something.

The interface of this integration is very similar to how email messages are usually displayed on your desktop or phone inbox – with multiple columns showing different parts of the message, such as headers, body text, attachments and more. This makes it easy for users who are new or unfamiliar with Asana’s interface.

With Asana for Gmail, you can effortlessly manage your email and tasks with ease. Are you interested in using this integration? Continue reading to learn how to connect your Gmail with Asana.

How to connect Gmail with Asana

Asana is an online project management and collaboration tool that helps teams track tasks, organise projects, and collaborate daily. Connecting Gmail to Asana is simple. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Gmail app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. In the top left corner, tap on the gear icon and select “Settings.”
  3. Scroll down to “Apps” and find “Asana” in the list of apps.
  4. Tap on “Add Account”, then enter your email address and password for Asana when prompted.
  5. When you are done, tap “Done” in the top right corner.

Key Features of Asana Gmail Integration

Asana Gmail Integration is a feature that allows Asana users to connect their Gmail accounts to their Asana accounts. The integration allows you to see your emails in the inbox of your Asana account, reply to and mark emails as read or unread, and view conversations.

This section discusses the features of this integration and how it can help you get more done with your email correspondence.

1) Capture tasks without Leaving Gmail

This feature allows its users to take notes and add them to their email. This can be done by clicking on the “Add task” button in Gmail’s menu bar or pressing Ctrl+Shift+A.

This feature is useful for people who have a lot of things to do and don’t want to leave their email inboxes for long periods. They can just add a note and then come back later or search for it later when they are not in front of their computer.

2) Easily Search for Asana Tasks on Gmail

Asana tasks are easy to search on Gmail because it uses a Gmail search bar as its default interface. This makes it easy for you to find your Asana tasks quickly and easily.

You can filter your Asana tasks by date, priority, or label. By using filters and limiting the number of tasks visible on the screen simultaneously, Asana makes it easier to focus on the most important tasks while freeing up time in your day.

3) Automate workflows on Gmail using Asana

Asana is an online project management tool that helps you to manage your workflows and create new ones. It is a great tool to use for the automation of workflows on Gmail.

Asana also provides an intuitive UI that lets users quickly complete tasks like making email replies or sending follow-ups with a single click. This saves time, which can be more valuable than money when managing your workflow.

4) Email tasks to your My Tasks on Asana

Asana is a task management software that helps you to create, organise and prioritise tasks. It has an email feature where you can assign tasks to your team members.

The email feature of Asana allows you to assign tasks to your team members and lets them know their progress on the task. This makes it easy for the whole team to stay on track with their work and know what’s getting done.


Gmail and Asana are two of the most popular tools for email productivity. They have helped many people in their daily tasks by providing a platform that is easy to use, efficient, and effective. Listed below are some of the most useful features that you can use with Gmail and Asana integration:

  • Easily search for tasks on Gmail
  • Email your tasks from Asana
  • Capture your tasks on Gmail
  • Automate workflows on Gmail


How to send emails through Asana?

It’s also a great tool for sending emails. If you are looking to send an email through Asana, here is how it’s done:

  1. Open the email in Asana.
  2. Click on “Send Email” in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. In the “To” field, enter your recipient’s email address and click “Add.”
  4. Enter your subject line in the “Subject” field and click “Add.”
  5. Click “Attachments” at the bottom of the page and upload any attachments from your computer or Google Drive.
  6. Click on Send Email to send your message!

Can you link emails to Asana??

Yes, it’s possible. The emails can be linked to Asana tasks using the email subject and the Asana project ID. There are many ways to link your emails to Asana tasks. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Search for the task name in your inbox and click “Link Email” at the bottom of the task card.
  • On the email itself, you can find an email icon with an arrow on it.

Does Asana automatically sync to Google Calendar?

Asana can also sync with Google Calendar so that you can see all your tasks in one place. If you’re not sure if Asana automatically syncs with Google Calendar, you can enter the URL of your Google Calendar into the settings of Asana or ask your team members for the URL of their calendar.

To make sure that Asana automatically syncs with your Google Calendar, visit this link: